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Graphics ArchiveHere you will find a selection of photos and graphics from past Wrongful Conviction Days. Please feel free to reuse any of these photos and graphics as relevant.

Graphics - 2020

RACE & OFFICIAL MISCONDUCTWrongful murder convictions that led to exonerations with Black defendants were 22% more likely to include police officer misconduct than those with White defendants. Addressing official misconduct is a matter of racial justice.
RACE & WRONGFUL INCARCERATIONNot only are innocent Black people more likely to experience wrongful conviction than innocent White people, but they also spend on average 45% longer wrongfully incarcerated before release and exoneration.
RACE & WRONGFUL CONVICTIONAn innocent Black person is more likely to be wrongfully convicted of sexual assault, murder, and drug charges than an innocent White person. Preventing wrongful conviction is a matter of racial justice.

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