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Graphics ArchiveHere you will find a selection of photos and graphics from past Wrongful Conviction Days. Please feel free to reuse any of these photos and graphics as relevant.

Graphics - 2021

INNOCENCE NETWORK & EXONERATIONSThe 69 orgs that make up the Innocence Network, together with wrongfully convicted people and their families, have secured over 650 exonerations. But there is still much more to be done. This #WrongfulConvictionDay consider supporting your local Innocence Network Organization.
INNOCENCE NETWORK & WRONGFUL INCARCERATIONNo innocent person should ever spend a day in prison, and yet innocent people are wrongfully convicted and incarcerated, both in the U.S. and in countries around the world everyday. Collectively, clients of Innocence Network orgs have spent 10,400+ years wrongfully incarcerated.
LONGEST WRONGFUL INCARCERATIONIn the US, the longest wrongful incarceration on record is 50 yrs. The fact that there are innocent people who have spent decades in prison should shock us to our core & move us to action. This #WrongfulConvictionDay connect with your local #InnocenceNetwork org & join the fight.

Graphics - 2020

RACE & OFFICIAL MISCONDUCTWrongful murder convictions that led to exonerations with Black defendants were 22% more likely to include police officer misconduct than those with White defendants. Addressing official misconduct is a matter of racial justice.
RACE & WRONGFUL INCARCERATIONNot only are innocent Black people more likely to experience wrongful conviction than innocent White people, but they also spend on average 45% longer wrongfully incarcerated before release and exoneration.
RACE & WRONGFUL CONVICTIONAn innocent Black person is more likely to be wrongfully convicted of sexual assault, murder, and drug charges than an innocent White person. Preventing wrongful conviction is a matter of racial justice.

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